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Athletes participating in WORLD KICKBOXING CHAMPIONSHIP - 2018 (cadet & Junior) Venice, Italy
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Inaguration to NATIONAL KICKBOXING TECHNICAL SEMINAR - Boxing Hall, L. B stadium.
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Since 2005, we've been at the heart of Kickboxing in Telangana. In 2014, the Telangana Kickboxing Association was born, propelling us into a remarkable journey of growth.


We're on a mission to spread the essence of Kickboxing across Telangana, making it accessible to every athlete. Our goal is to cultivate a culture of athleticism and sportsmanship.


We envision Kickboxing thriving in every district of Telangana, with our athletes becoming ambassadors of discipline and resilience.

About Us

TELANGANA KICKBOXING ASSOCIATION is officially coordinating with WAKO INDIA KICKBOXING FEDERATION with a motive to develop Kickboxing sport in all over Telangana State. Telangana kickboxing Association is a State Governing Body to control and develop Kickboxing sport for all age groups and styles for both male and female categories in Telangana State.

From Adilabad to Mahabubnagar kickboxing sport is gaining a maximum number of children & youth with  dedication, hard work & leadership of our Body Members.  From 2014, this journey started with 10 district affiliates and today reached a new height with 23 Affiliates districts expanding the network of kickboxing sport across the state.

Telangana Kickboxing Association had successfully hosted 17 State Championships and uplifted many champion’s to show their talent in National & International events.We are organizing Technical & Referee Seminars every year to develop technical knowledge regarding the sport to all Coaches and Referees.



Today: TELANGANA KICKBOXING ASSOCIATION is ranked 5th Position by achieving maximum number of Medals in Cadet & Junior National Kickboxing Championship- 2023, Jharkhand.

Special Thanks to

Mr. Santosh Kumar Agarwal
Wako India President

Our well wisher, best supporter & Most hard working President we have ever seen. His consistent efforts in Kickboxing lead to inclusion in Ministry and Youth Affairs and University Games and many more like this. His vision is very clear which can be seen by the efforts he put on this sport. He is a friendly moving personality and he also supported us to get recognition for our Telangana Kickboxing Association in TELANGANA OLYMPIC ASSOCIATION and we wish that you will support us for our future goals also.

We sincerely thank our WAKO INDIA President for this support and efforts.


Kick Boxing Professionals

Digital Future

Commencing in 2024, the Telangana Kickboxing Association is poised to take Kickboxing to unprecedented heights through the organization of digital National events. This forward-looking initiative aims to provide our athletes with a broader platform, ensuring they not only compete but thrive in the digital arena.

Community Focus

Beyond the excitement of competitions, our annual training camps serve as transformative experiences, empowering athletes and contributing substantially to the growth of Kickboxing in Telangana. We firmly believe in fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among our athletes, creating an environment .

Meets Passion

Telangana Kickboxing Association, under the visionary leadership of Chitikela Ramanjaneyulu, is not just an association; it’s a dynamic community where excellence seamlessly meets passion. Join us in spreading the myriad benefits of  fostering athleticism, and collectively shaping the future of this dynamic and empowering sport across Telangana.

Our Board Members

C. Ramanjaneyulu


M. Mahipal

General Secretary

P. Srinivas


M.K. Sri Balaji

Vice President

Dr. M.Suman Kumar

Vice President

D. Santhosh

Excutive Member

M. Narsing Rao

Joint Secretary

K. Shekar

Joint Secretary

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